3D Printing News Roundup – Interesting Developments

By | March 31, 2016

The 3D printing industry is always full of new developments and exciting news as companies both big and small introduce new products, make deals with one another and rarely fail to amaze even those of us who are well versed in 3D printing technologies. Recent weeks have been no exception with a lot of activity that is noteworthy.

Via Ludibunda and Dagoma Joint Venture

Kickstarter.com found itself in the news once again courtesy of Via Ludibunda, who just announced new developments and a partnership of sorts. Via Ludibunda began their campaign with a goal of just five hundred euros and today, the funds raised sits at just under seven thousand euros from almost 100 supporters. Their mission is a bit different from the many companies that only offer a new 3D printer model and hope to raise enough money to bring their project into full development.

Via Ludibunda appeals to a niche audience and has several offers available so you can 3D print real scenery pieces for role-playing games, war games or other fantasy style games. One of their latest releases is the Dark Elf Architecture File Pack among many others. So what’s all the Via Ludibunda buzz about recently?

The company just signed a deal with another 3D printing start-up company based in France called Dagoma. The deal provides support and funding to Via Ludibunda and allows them to offer a complete file pack plus 3D printer combo deal that is priced under $500. If you are an avid fantasy gamer and 3D printing enthusiast then this is right up your alley. You can view more about their current offer on their Kickstarter.com campaign page.

Stratasys Making Moves, Again

stratasys logo Stratasys is one of the most influential 3D printing companies in the industry and seems to be always making waves of one kind or another. They have a reputation for actively pursuing acquisitions almost constantly and when they do something, it is almost always big and newsworthy. Well, they did not disappoint this time either.

Stratasys will be making a large capital investment to support the operations of Massivit, a large commercial 3D printing company. Up to this point, Massivit’s market has been concentrated in mostly a single area. However, with the recent infusion of investment from Stratasys, they plan to significantly broaden operations and begin developing new opportunities on a global scale.

Anyone that is familiar with Stratasys knows they have a knack for making things work in a big way and it will be interesting to see in the months to come just how far they can take the new direction of Massivit.

New Adhesive Makes 3D Printing News

In the world of 3D printing, new methods or products that allow the easy bonding or removal of materials from print beds is big news. Airwolf 3D is a California firm that recently announced a new adhesive product. The adhesive supposedly allows an easy release and bonding of nylon based printing material that is printed on a ceramic or glass print bed.

Using nylon based materials on glass has been problematic in the past as it has a tendency to significantly shrink as the build plate cools. However, the new Wolfbite NITRO solves that issue and provides 3D printing hobbyists with a solution to a very common problem. Will Wolfbite NITRO be the “go to” product in the nylon 3D printing material segment now? We will let users make the decision on that.

Check back here soon for more recent 3D printing news and developments, as this is one industry that truly never sleeps…

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