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Free 3D Printing Events at Do Space in Omaha

Do Space, a non-profit community center in Omaha, Nebraska, has dubbed itself a digital library, wherein people visit and use electronic devices and technical equipment for free. Unlike a traditional book-borrowing library, guests are unable to take any of the pieces of technology home, so those without a local address can also utilize the services free of charge.… Read More »

3D Printing News Roundup – Interesting Developments

The 3D printing industry is always full of new developments and exciting news as companies both big and small introduce new products, make deals with one another and rarely fail to amaze even those of us who are well versed in 3D printing technologies. Recent weeks have been no exception with a lot of activity that is noteworthy.… Read More »

Possibilities for 3D Printed Inflated Material on the Horizon

Sometimes I feel like the 3D printing industry is starting to plateau and level out, with commercial 3D printers starting to get a little stale and the features listed remaining more or less sedentary with only a few differences between machines. It’s mostly a battle of precision and performance. Sometimes though it seems we overlook how we can… Read More »

Tiko Aims to Disrupt the 3D Printing Market on Pricing

Watch out Printrbot there’s a new budget printer on the scene by the name of Tiko, showing some impressive stats for such a low priced machine. These daring entrepreneurs have set their sight on making sure anyone can afford 3D printing. While the price after the kickstarter is not listed, those donating a staggeringly low 179 dollars will… Read More »

GE Gunning for 3D Printed Jet Engines?

Just when you think that you’ve seen the most from what 3D printing has to offer science throws another curve ball that impresses everyone who sees it. General Electric has astounded us all with their scale jet engine using a new printing technique: melting layers and layers of metal powder together using a laser. While this is cool… Read More »

Disrupt Surfing Aims to Disrupt the Market with 3D Printing

When you imagine 3D printing I’m sure small toys and little gizmos are the first things that come to mind, well the Australian company Disrupt Surfing is hoping to change all that with their newest prototypes of custom 3D printed surfboards; allowing the consumer to create a board perfectly tuned for their liking. This great ability to customize… Read More »