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What We Do

Helping 3D Printing Enthusiasts Choose the Best 3D Printers & Make Projects Come to Life

Welcome to Total 3D Printing with in-depth tutorials, guides, and reviews from real 3D Printing owners, many of which have been early adopters of this technology. For years, we’ve helped others create the 3D printing projects of their dreams and discover new software, and pens to make every project a success.

We are a group of dedicated 3D Printing hobbyists.

We have spent thousands of dollars buying and setting up 3D Printers, creating new projects, and are here to share our years of experience.

We believe that everyone should have access to a decent 3D Printer and always recommend products for every budget. 

Total 3D Printing was founded by an early adapter 3D printing enthusiast to provide reliable, detailed, and authentic guides and tutorials to help other 3D printing hobbyists.

Today, we continue to spend thousands of dollars investing in new 3D printer technologies. We have spent years in our homes creating projects, and learning new software and are here to share our learnings here.

We are here for our readers and fellow 3D Printing enthusiasts – no sponsored posts.

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3D Printers

Whether you are a novice, experienced user, on a budget, or if you require a resin or filament desktop 3D printer, we have all the information you need.  We will also outline what you need to think about before making a purchase.


There is a wide range of available software for professional 3D printers and beginners alike. Each piece of software comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, and some are better for use by more experienced users as opposed to those just starting out.


3D printing pens are yet another amazing creation that has come from the invention and advancement of 3D printers. If you haven’t heard about 3D printing pens yet or familiar with what they can do they are not difficult to understand as they operate much the same as a 3D printer.

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