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The Best 3D Printer Hot Ends to Use

We often see lists of the best 3D printers or the best slicers. But rarely do we see a lot of the smaller components which make up the 3D printer. Often, these smaller parts have some of the greatest impacts on the overall print quality, performance, and material we can use. For example, there is the extruder, nozzle,… Read More »

A Comprehensive Guide to 3D Printing Filaments

This is our comprehensive guide to 3D printing filaments. What is a filament? Well, it is simply the material you use to print your objects. It is typically on a spool and feeds into the extruder on your machine. Once you begin printing, the filament is heated up inside the hot end and extruded through the nozzle onto… Read More »

The Best 3D Printing Services That You’ll Love

What is a 3D printing service? 3D printing services are companies that will print out objects on your behalf. One of the most important benefits of such a service is that an individual can have access to very expensive, industrial-grade 3D printers. Then there is the fact that you send scans, photographs, stl or even physical items to… Read More »

Top 15 Easy 3D Printing Ideas for Beginners

It is hard to go a day without hearing about the next “revolutionary” technology. The reality is that the next revolutionary technology has been around for quite a while now. We are referring to 3D printing. While it may be a new technology for some people, some forms of 3D printing date back to the 1980s. 3D printing… Read More »