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Matter and Form 3D Scanner Review: Will You Love It?

Matter and Form 3D Scanner Review: Will You Love It?
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People are becoming more aware of 3D printing technology and its capabilities to revolutionize many manufacturing and design industries. However, fewer people are aware of a similar process, 3D scanning. Most objects that are 3D printed begin with someone creating the structure from scratch using computer software.

3D scanning removes the creation aspect of this process. The scanner allows you to take any physical object, scan it to create a mathematical representation of the structure, and save it to a computer. The final product will be a digital file of the 3D object.   

Here we will review the Matter and Form 3D Scanner with user testimonies. The hands-on experience allows us to give you the most accurate information regarding the Matter and Form 3D Scanner. We will cover the scanner’s core features, key specifications, pros and cons, and include our overall rating of the scanner.

Please be sure to share your own experiences, thoughts, and opinions about your use with the Matter and Form 3D scanner at the bottom of the page.    

One Click Watertight Meshing: The Matter and Form Scan software is extremely user-friendly. Custom algorithms allow you to create watertight meshes on the object you are scanning with one click of a button. This makes the output file ready to be 3D printed as soon as the scan is completed. You don’t need to be an expert in any other software to be able to 3D print any object you scan.   

Matter and Form MFS1V1 3D Scanner
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Key Specifications

Pros of Matter and Form 3D Scanner  

Save scans in multiple formats: Another user-friendly advantage of this scanner is its ability to support multiple export file types, including XYZ, PLY, OBJ, and STL. You can take your scans to be manipulated in other software programs or even save them as ready to print files and start creating them immediately.   

Cons of Matter and Form 3D Scanner  

Multiple Scans to Yield Quality: While this is not the worst thing in the world, it can be very time-consuming to scan the same item multiple times. Users reported needing to reposition an object for a second, third, and possibly more scans and combining the two outputs to get the high-quality results they wanted.

This may require a little more technical savvy than some of the beginner users are capable of, but a few quick searches should help you get the fundamentals down. Also, objects with sections or open spaces in them tend to require multiple scans.

Small figurines with gaps between the arms and bodies or legs seem to be a commonality of this issue. This machine is a great addition to any 3D printer. It is geared towards consumers and hobbyists looking to get more creative with their design and printing skills. It allows the user to scan smaller objects in multiple output files.

Although we wish we could scan slightly larger objects, the maximum size is suitable for the target market. The technology lets the users customize the scans as they wish or print the files as soon as the scan is completed.

While you can find better scanners for higher price tags, those may not always be an option if you are searching for a budget. Overall, this is an awesome 3D scanner for the price. (score):  Value: 9/10 


Excellent support 

Plug and play capabilities 

User-friendly software 


Scan duration 

Multiple scans for best quality 

Ease of use: 9/10 

Precision: 8.5/10 

Max. Object Size: 7.5/10 


The Matter and Form 3D Scanner is a great piece of equipment for all levels of users. The scanner is one of the most affordable pieces of equipment on the market. With a price tag as favorable as this one and the overall performance and ease of use, this scanner is a great option for people who are just starting out or the pros who have been in the industry for a while.

The quick and easy set up helps ease the initial stress of trying something new. Downloading the user-friendly software and calibrating the machine are easy to do and make getting started a breeze. The software comes loaded with all the capabilities you need to effectively use this tool. 

Matter and Form MFS1V1 3D Scanner
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Final Take – What are you waiting for? Start scanning today!  

Scan Time: Matter and Form claim scans can be completed within 5 minutes. The testers reported scans taking longer than 5 minutes. Admitting it may be possible to scan a very small and simple object in that time, most scans lasted about 90 minutes. Some objects did take closer to half the day, but those were the larger, complex shapes with multiple colors.  

We can’t forget about the negatives. While not horrible, these are just a few minor problems to point out for you:  

High Definition Scans: Your first few tries may not be perfect, especially if you are new to scanning. But don’t be discouraged. With a little practice and visiting the help desk, your new hobby will soon become an obsession.

Once you have it figured out, you will be amazed by how well the scanner works for the price you pay. The HD CMOS and 2 laser system allow you to capture the tiniest of details down to 0.43mm.

As well, the camera is constantly capturing 2,000 points per second to create a perfect digital mathematical representation of your object. The high-quality scans let you create perfect 3D printed objects.  

Help Desk Support: We briefly mention this above, but we believe it deserves more detail as it is one of the best support systems we have seen. The Matter and Form help desk is full of great information.

Here you will find scanning tutorials for beginners and pros. Also, you will find knowledge-based and featured articles, and a discussion section. If none of the above help you solve your problems you can book a free online 1-on-1 session with a scanning pro.

You will find all the information you could ever need within this support system.   

Easy to use: This is truly a plug-and-play 3D scanner. Simply, download the free software online and calibrate the machine using the calibration box that’s included in the packaging. Once you have it calibrated and the software installed, you are ready to start scanning.

We must recommend watching some tutorials or using the help desk on Matter and Form’s website to get up to speed if this is your first time using a 3D scanner. Trust us, the preparation and becoming familiar with the terminology and the machine will help you avoid many headaches in the future.

Next, you need to plug the machine into a power source and its USB cable to your computer. Launch the software on your computer and you are ready to begin scanning. 

Matter and Form MFS1V1 3D Scanner
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Let’s go over some of the common benefits the users noted: 

Scan Area  7” – 360-degree disk 
Max. Object Size   9.8” x 7.0” 
Scan Technology  HD CMOS, 2 lasers  
Capture Size  +/- 0.25mm 
Capture Detail  >.43mm 
Scanner Size  13.5” x 8.25” x 13.5” (open), 3.5” (closed) 
File Export  XYZ, PLY, OBJ, and STL 
Our Score  8.5/10 
Price  Lowest: $445.22      MSRP: $519.99  

Customer Support: Matter and Form make sure to take care of the customer and put their needs first. Right out of the box, your scanner comes with the calibration box to make sure you get your machine working correctly. Also, included in the user manual and product information booklet to answer questions and guide you through your first scans until you have mastered the process.

If the user manual and product information booklet don’t answer your questions for you, head on over to the Matter and Form help desk on their website.  

Sleek Design: The overall design of this scanner is one reason we are so excited about it. It is a lightweight machine, weighs less than 4 pounds, with a hinged design, which allows you to fold the device for storage. When closed, the device is only 3.5” wide, and opening the scanner adds about 10” to the width.

The slim and light design makes it a portable printer. You can easily pack this thing up and take it wherever you want to use it. The scan area consists of a 7in. 360-degree rotating disk. On the back portion is a horizontal bar that holds the camera in the middle with a laser to either side. This bar automatically adjusts its height as it scans the object.

The camera, lasers, and turntable work together to effortlessly scan your 3D objects, you don’t need to do any adjustments once the process begins.   

Color Scans: Capture full-color scans of objects rather than editing the output file. Simply calibrate the machine by rotating the object in front of the camera and lasers. Begin with the lightest color and end with the darkest. If you are scanning a single-color object then the machine is ready to start scanning as soon as you have it set up. 

Cores Features  

One consumer scanner that many people, including us, are excited about is the Matter and Form 3D Scanner. It is a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment that creates high-definition scans. Anything from a tiny action figure to a statue roughly 9” tall, the Matter and Form 3D Scanner can create a digital file of it.  

The recent rise of 3D scanning technology can be attributed to the growing 3D printing industry. Scanners give you the option to create personalized and custom objects of something which is already a physical structure. It eliminates the need to be able to create something of your own.   

Matter and Form MFS1V1 3D Scanner
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Matter and Form 3D Scanner


Print Speed


Build Area






Ease of Use



  • Save scans in multiple formats
  • Excellent support
  • Plug and play capabilities
  • User-friendly software


  • Multiple Scans to Yield Quality