How to Find the Best Nylon 3D Printer

Nylon is designed to give you a next-level experience with 3D printing. As a material, it’s just as versatile as more common filaments like PLS or ABS, but it has the added advantages of flexibility, strength, and extraordinarily high layer resolution. Its low friction coefficient and high melting temperature make it great for parts that have to move… Read More »

How to Find the Best Chocolate 3D Printer

With Valentine’s Day on the calendar every February, everybody’s thoughts naturally turn towards chocolate this time of year – even within the 3D printer world. Believe it or not, chocolate is a fairly common 3D printing material for those who like to mix things up. You can use it almost exactly like you would any other material, with… Read More »

The Airwolf Evo 3D Printer Review – Is it Worth the Hype?

Airwolf is setting new goals for the whole 3D printer world after they introduced the Evo at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. They’re so confident they’ve changed the game that they refuse to call the Evo a 3D printer, preferring instead the title an “additive manufacturing system.” Technically, they’re right, since all 3D printing can be considered additive… Read More »

Raise3D N2 Review: Should You Go For It?

Raise3D manufactures 3D printers, and the N2 is a crowdfunding success story. The company managed to secure almost $500,000 from 350 backers in November 2015 using a Kickstarter campaign. They have multiple 3D printer offerings that will fit any project, and they offer some of the biggest print volumes available. When determining which 3D printer to buy, it’s… Read More »

The Tevo Little Monster Review That You’ll Love

When you see the word “little” in , you might think the company has produced a small or even portable 3D printer. However, the name is a little misleading as the Little Monster has one of the largest build volumes currently available. While this device isn’t cheap, it is one of the more successful 3D printers on the… Read More »

The Adimlab 3D Printer Review – All You Need to Know!

3D printing is a relatively new technology, and technology can be pricey. If you’re looking for a 3d printer that won’t break the bank, you may want to check out the ADIMLab 3D Printer. You’ll find it easy to set up, easy to use, and great for all experience levels, even beginners. ADIMLab also has excellent customer service… Read More »

Anycubic Kossel Delta Review: Everything You Need To Know

Anycubic is known for their Kossel 3D printers. There are many different varieties including a pulley version we will discuss here, a linear version that has rails instead of wheels on the carriage, and the Linear Plus with a smaller height but a larger diameter. The moves quietly and smoothly, although, at high speeds, the print will fail.… Read More »

ZMorph VX Review – A Strong Multi-Tool 3D Printer

The claims to offer capabilities like 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving. Polish manufacturer, ZMorph, developed this machine as a multiple function desktop system in 2017. With so much more than meets the eye, it’s a 3D printer that many industry experts want to put to the test. If you’re shopping for a 3D printer, ZMorph is… Read More »