The Full Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 Review: Is it Worth It?

The is high end, high performance desktop 3D printer that promises to deliver the best user experience available. As a high-end 3D printer, it has a lot of features that deliver an excellent user experience that you do not find in other 3D printers. A fairly large build volume is provided as well as a very stylish and… Read More »

The Qidi Technology X-One 3D Printer Review You’ll Love

One of the best trends in 3D printing is companies making their printers with open source software and hardware. It allows for innovation, rapid growth, and change in the industry, which is just what it needs. We are seeing printers become more advanced and more accessible. Someone can order a premium 3D printer from a well-known company, such… Read More »

MP Select Mini V2 3D Printer Review You’ll Love

If you’re anything like me then you’re a big fan of the budget-friendly 3D printers. They may not come with all the fancy features and specs of the thousand dollar machines, but they are much more accessible to many more people. And for the most part, the budget-friendly options print just as well as the more expensive ones with… Read More »

Top 15 Easy 3D Printing Ideas for Beginners

It is hard to go a day without hearing about the next “revolutionary” technology. The reality is that the next revolutionary technology has been around for quite a while now. We are referring to 3D printing. While it may be a new technology for some people, some forms of 3D printing date back to the 1980s. 3D printing… Read More »