Disrupt Surfing Aims to Disrupt the Market with 3D Printing

When you imagine 3D printing I’m sure small toys and little gizmos are the first things that come to mind, well the Australian company Disrupt Surfing is hoping to change all that with their newest prototypes of custom 3D printed surfboards; allowing the consumer to create a board perfectly tuned for their liking. This great ability to customize… Read More »

MakerGear M2 vs Replicator 2 Head to Head Comparison

It’s certainly a challenge to select from the different companies manufacturing 3D printers nowadays, everyone claiming that  there’s is the best one for you. You can’t fault them either many of the creators truly believe what their product offers is the absolute best option. While in some cases this is bound to be true almost always you have… Read More »

MakerGear M2 Review – My Take on the M2 3D Printer

Much like the first computer that took up roughly 1800 square feet and was used only for commercial uses, the 3D printing technology has come a long way as well. No longer are the 3D printers being used only to produce custom parts in metal fabrication factories, in fact they’re almost as common in a household as a… Read More »