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How to Find The Best Tevo 3D Printer

How to Find The Best Tevo 3D Printer

The 3D printer market is dominated by models like Anycubic I3 Mega or Prusa I3. Although the best Tevo 3D printers can’t compete with industry-leading models. They’re still capable of delivering accurate, high-quality prints that meet the standards of most novice 3D designers.

Tevo is a relatively young brand that emerged on the market back in 2015. Still, just four years later, the Zhanjiang-based company entered a makeover stage. Some of its 3D printers were rebranded, and the company’s website still looks unfinished.

Despite the difficulties it has gone through, Tevo still manufactures reliable 3D printers aimed at 3D enthusiasts that want to become more familiar with the 3D printing process. So, in this article, I am going to help you choose the best Tevo 3D printer.

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Bottom Line Up Front

I recommend the Tevo Tornado or the Tevo Michelangelo for people looking for their first 3D printer and the Tevo Little Monster or Tevo Black Widow enthusiasts. Find out why below!

At a Glance – The 8 Best TEVO 3D Printers

Model Best for Build volume Max printing speed Additional information 
Tevo Tornado  Best for product design 11.8 x 11.8 x 15.7 inches 150mm/s More info
Tevo Tarantula Pro  Most versatile Tevo 3D printer 9.25 x 9.25 x 9.8 inches 150mm/s More info
Tevo Flash Best Tevo 3D printer with automatic bed leveling 9.25 x 9.25 x 9.8 inches 120mm/s More info
Tevo Black Widow Best for DIY projects 14.5 x 9.8 x 11.8 inches 150mm/s More info
Tevo Little Monster Best for large-scale prints 13.3 x 19.6 inches 150mm/s More info
Tevo Nereus Best for high-resolution prints 12.5 x 12.5 x 15.7 150mm/s More info
Tevo Michelangelo Best for miniature printing 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches 100mm/s More info
Tevo Tarantula The most affordable Tevo 3D printer 7.87 x 7.87 7.87 inches 100mm/s More info

Selection Criteria

Tevo doesn’t have a versatile product line since the brand offers less than ten 3D printer models. Hence, you won’t have a lot of options at your disposal if you decide to get a Tevo 3D printer. The company manufactures Cartesian printers intended for home use that utilize FFF or FDM technology.

During the selection process, I utilized several parameters to shortlist the brand’s best models, so let’s look at some of the most important ones.

  • Build volume – The maximum size of a model you can print on a Tevo 3D printer spans from 6 to almost 20 inches. I employed this parameter to pick the company’s models that can meet the demands of users that want to create miniature and large-scale prints.
  • Filament compatibility – All 3D printers featured in this article are compatible with multiple filaments. Some models can only print with different plastic materials such as ABS or PLA, while others support wood filaments.
  • Assembly process – Tevo offers 3D printer kits and models that arrive 80 or 90% assembled. This article features both options so that you can choose the model that gives you the freedom to customize it or get a pre-assembled 3D printer you can start using out of the box.

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The Advantages of Tevo 3D Printers

Although Tevo is still years away from becoming a well-established brand, its 3D printers can be an excellent tool for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the 3D printing process.

These 3D printers are easy to use, so you won’t experience a steep learning curve figuring out how to connect them to a computer or print your files.

Some models are suitable for use in professional settings. Still, you shouldn’t expect the level of print quality provided by some of the best dental or medical mask 3D printers. Let’s go through some of the key advantages of Tevo 3D printers.

Excellent Print Accuracy

A broad range of factors that span from the quality of filament to printing speed can affect the quality of your 3D prints. Each of the brand’s models is equipped with features that prevent over-extrusion and other errors that lower the quality of the final product.

The maximum printing speed of a Tevo 3D printer is either 150mm/s or 100mm/s, but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using printing speeds over 60mm/s. Tevo’s models utilize standard 0.4mm nozzles that can print layers with 50-micron accuracy.

Also, some models are WiFi-enabled, so you don’t have to transfer the files you want to print with a USB, TF, or SD card. Tevo 3D printers are compatible with common 3D printing files such as GCODE or STL, and they’re compatible with several slicing apps.

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Material Compatibility

All Tevo’s models can print with plastic filaments like ABS, PLA, or PETG using either fused filament fabrication or fused deposition modeling printing techniques. In addition, some models allow you to print with carbon fibers or flexible filaments such as TPU or TPC.

The maximum operating temperature of these 3D printers is 500F. You can use them to print with metal filaments with melting temperatures in the range of 375F to 430F. However, these filaments are abrasive, and they wear out the nozzle quickly.

Tevo doesn’t manufacture filaments, but some of its models come with several rolls of filaments, which enables you to start printing right away. The filament compatibility varies from model to model; you need to check which materials you can use with a Tevo 3D printer you’d like to get.

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Impressive Price-performance Ratio

Affordability is one of the most significant advantages of Tevo 3D printers because even the brand’s large format printers cost less than $1,000. You can get an entry-level Tevo model for less than $200, which makes this brand a great choice if you’re looking for your first 3D printer.

Even the least expensive models provide good print resolution, as they allow you to create layers that are just 50 microns thick. All of the brand’s models have sturdy metal frames that can withstand years of frequent usage.

The manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty for all of their products, and you can purchase some spare parts for your Tevo 3D printer directly from the company’s website. Check out our guide to the best 3D printing courses if you’re considering becoming a 3D designer.

Top 8 Tevo 3D printers

Tevo Tornado – The Best Tevo 3D Printer for Product Design

Tevo Tornado is one of the company’s flagship models that was released in 2018. This 3D printer arrives 90% pre-assembled, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time connecting its components. It has an aluminum frame and a V-slot linear guide system.

This 3D printer is equipped with a standard MK8 0.4mm nozzle and a titan Bowden extruder that allows you to work with filaments with 1.75mm diameters. The Tevo Tornado is compatible with various materials, including thermoplastics, carbon fibers, flexible filaments, and wood.

Its spacious build area allows you to print objects with dimensions up to 11.8 x 11.8 x 15.7 inches. That’s why this 3D printer can be an affordable solution for designers who want to print toys, jewelry, architectural models, or spare parts for different products.

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  • Supports several slicing apps
  • Moderate power consumption
  • Arrives 90% assembled
  • Excellent price


  • The base version of the 3D printer isn’t WiFi-enabled

Tevo Tarantula ProThe Most Versatile Tevo 3D Printer

Tevo Tarantula Pro

The Homer Odysseus has been rebranded as the TEVO Tarantula Pro, but the 3D printer’s functionalities are still the same. This model has an aluminum frame that supports the V-slot linear guide system. It also has a single Titan-Bowden extruder that is equipped with a 0.04 MK8 nozzle.

The Tarantula Pro is compatible with 1.75mm filaments, and you can use it to create prints made of carbon, PETG, PVA, wood, or ABS. Tevo’s model is compatible with Slic3r, KiSSlicer, Cura, and Simplify3D slicer software, and it supports STL and GCODE file formats.

The print bed is AC heated, and it operates at temperatures between 140F and 230F. However, this 3D printer doesn’t have the automatic bed leveling function, and you must calibrate it manually before every printing session.

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  • High layer resolution
  • ROHS, CE, and FC certified
  • Wide selection of materials
  • Low power consumption


  • A complicated and long assembly process

Tevo Flash – The Best Tevo 3D Printer With Automatic Bed Leveling


Tevo Flash

You can choose between kit and pre-assembled versions of the Tevo Flash 3D printer. The model will arrive 90% or 50% assembled, depending on the option you choose. This model has a ceramic AC heated print bed that takes only a few minutes to heat up.

The unit is also equipped with two cooling fans that regulate the temperature of the 0.004 MK8 nozzle. The Tevo Flash has a Titan-Bowden extruder that doesn’t support dual extrusion. Its printing bed is automatically calibrated using the BLTouch technology and proximity sensors.

The maximum size of the objects you print with the Tevo Flash can’t exceed 9.25 x 9.25 x 9.8 inches, and you can use an SD card or USB flash drive to transfer files to this 3D printer.

The maximum printing speed is limited to 120mm/s, but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend printing at speeds above 60mm/s.


  • Equipped with the MKS Gen L motherboard
  • AC heated ceramic printing bed
  • Intuitive display
  • Doesn’t occupy a lot of space.


  • No built-in WiFi connectivity

Tevo Black Widow – The Best Tevo 3D Printer for DIY Projects

Tevo Black Widow

Ordering the Tevo Black Widow kit will enable you to adjust the 3D printer to the requirements of the project you’re working on. The base version of this model comes only with the Z-axis sensor, but you can add the BLTouch sensor to the kit.

Tevo’s 3D printer has an MKS Gen motherboard, and DC heated Mosfet printing bed that reduces the chances of filament slipping. The Black Widow is compatible with nylon, PVA, Wood, and countless other materials that melt at temperatures below 500F.

This model isn’t WiFi-enabled, and you must get the Duet WiFi upgrade if you don’t want to use USB or TF cards to transfer GCODE or STL files to the printer. The Black Widow utilizes a direct extruder fitted with a stock MK8 nozzle that allows you to create high-resolution layers.


  • Excellent print quality
  • Adjustable layer resolution
  • Based on Prusa I3 architecture
  • Spacious build area


  • Not the best option for novice 3D designers

Tevo Little Monster – The Best Tevo 3D Printer for Large-scale Prints

Tevo Little Monster

Previously known as the Homers Hector, the Tevo Little Monster is the company’s first Delta 3D printer. Its impressive build area allows you to print objects with dimensions up to 13.3 x 19.6 inches. This model arrives 70% assembled, so you won’t be able to start using it right out of the box.

The Little Monster has an MKS SBase motherboard, and it utilizes the Smoothieware firmware. Its AC heated print bed is calibrated automatically using the Antlabs BLTouch sensor. The Titan Flying Extruder has a 0.04mm Volcano nozzle that is compatible with filaments that have a 1.75mm diameter.

You can connect this 3D printer to a PC or Mac computer and print your models from the slicer app you’re using. Optionally, you can use an SD card to transfer the file to the Little Monster and initiate the printing process directly from the device.

Go through our Tevo Little Monster review for more information about this 3D printer.


  • Large build area
  • Printing bed reaches the temperature of 274F in less than 2 minutes
  • Impressive print accuracy
  • Lightweight and sturdy frame


  • The printer draws 600W of power

Tevo Nereus – The Best Tevo 3D Printer for High-resolution Prints

You won’t have to go through the trouble of putting the Tevo Nereus together because this 3D printer ships 80% pre-assembled. Hence, you can start using it almost as soon as you unpack it. The Tevo Nereus is one of the brand’s oldest models that was previously labeled as the Homers Poseidon.

You will have to calibrate the 3D printer’s DC heated bed manually, as it doesn’t have a sensor that enables automatic bed leveling. The Nereus is equipped with a Bowden extruder fitted with an MK8 nozzle that doesn’t perform well when used with abrasive materials.

Hence, your selection of filaments will be limited to thermoplastics like ABS or PLA. Even so, the Tevo Nereus delivers high-quality prints as it allows its users to print objects in resolutions up to 50microns.


  • WiFi-enabled
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Compatible with multiple CAD and slicing apps
  • A high degree of print accuracy


  • More expensive than other Tevo 3D printers

Tevo Michelangelo – The Best Tevo 3D Printer for Miniature Printing

A small build volume makes the Tevo Michelangelo a great 3D printer for inexperienced 3D designers that don’t want to print objects larger than 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches. The model’s core features are the same as those you can find on most of Tevo’s models.

The Michelangelo has a Bowden extruder with a 0.004mm MK8 nozzle and an MKS Base Gen V.1.0 motion controller and Marlin firmware.

Unlike most of the brand’s 3D printers, the Michelangelo doesn’t have a heated bed or automatic bed leveling function, so ensuring that the bed is properly calibrated or avoiding filament skipping can be difficult.

This model is compatible with materials like ABS or PLA. Still, you can only print with filaments that have a 1.75mm diameter.


  • No assembly required
  • The 3D printer draws only 60W of power
  • Aluminum frame
  • Compact dimensions


  • The printing bed isn’t heated

Tevo Tarantula – The Most Affordable Tevo 3D Printer


The Tevo Tarantula kit is a stripped-down version of the brand’s Tarantula Pro model that has a smaller build area and slower printing speed. You can choose if you want your version of the Tarantula kit to come with or without an automatic bed leveling system.

The base version of this kit features only a micro-switch that detects the end-travel on the Z-axis. Unlike the Pro versions of this 3D printer, the Tarantula uses a Bowden extruder that allows its users to work with different types of materials.

This model can print layers in the 0.1mm to 0.35mm thickness range, which enables you to achieve a high degree of accuracy. The Tevo Tarantula isn’t WiFi-enabled, and you have to use an SD card or a USB connection to transfer your files to the printer.


  • Great starter kit for 3D printing enthusiasts
  • Compatible with 0.02mm, 0.03mm and 0.04mm nozzles
  • 3D printer arrives with 2 rolls of filaments
  • Easily customizable


  • Printing an object with Tevo Tarantula can take hours

Frequently Asked Questions About Tevo 3D Printers

Question: Do Tevo 3D Printers Have a Warranty?

Answer: Yes, all of the brand’s models come with a 12-month warranty.

Question: Where Can I Buy Spare Parts for Tevo 3D Printers?

Answer: Finding spare parts for Tevo 3D printers can be difficult because the manufacturer only offers direct and Bowden extruders replacements.

Question: How Often Do I Have to Clean a Tevo 3D Printer?

Answer: After every printing session, you should scrape the bed and clean the extruder to prevent material build-up that can potentially damage the printer’s components.

Question: Is Connecting a Tevo 3D Printer to a Computer Difficult?

Answer: No, but you have to go through several steps before your computer can recognize a Tevo 3D printer.

My Verdict: Are Tevo 3D printers Worth Buying?

The world of 3D printing might seem inaccessible when you look at pricey high-end 3D printers stacked with advanced features. Tevo 3D printers are aimed at people who want to take their first steps in this field, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to start producing 3D printed objects.

Getting one of the brand’s kits or pre-assembled models can be a great way to learn how 3D printers work before progressing to models capable of printing with more accuracy and at higher resolutions.

I recommend the Tevo Tornado or the Tevo Michelangelo if you’re looking for the first 3D printer that doesn’t require you to go through a complicated assembly process.

A model like the Tevo Little Monster or the Tevo Black Widow might be a good option for 3D printing enthusiasts who like to experiment with different printing setups. Which Tevo printer are you going to choose?

Let me know in the comments or continue reading our Tevo Tornado review to find out more about this 3D printer.