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The TEVO Tornado Printer Kit – All You Need To Know

Personal 3D printing is getting big in more than one way. The evolution of hardware is catching up to the needs of larger volume printing, starting with the physical size of the printing area and progressing to lower prices per square inch so that more enthusiasts can experiment with designs they would otherwise either have to pass up… Read More »

Fusion3 F400 Review: Really Worth the Price Tag?

We all know how much the 3D printing industry changed over the last couple of years. We have been seeing the overall prices of the machines drastically drop. As well, we have seen the performance greatly increase. This is especially the case for desktop printers. But not so much for commercial printers. If you are looking to get… Read More »

Polar3D: The Ultimate 3D Printer Review

Many desktop 3D printers are designed with a sole end user in mind. Which is great as there are a ton of awesome 3D printers available on the market today. However, one way to make the industry grow is to get more 3D printers in schools and educational settings. The problem with some of the 3D printers available… Read More »