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Looking to compare the leading 3D Printers? This is where you will find our full T3D repository of printer comparisons over the years.

Creality Ender vs Anet A8 [2020]: Which is Best?

Desktop 3D printing hardware is getting crowded for a niche market. Fortunately, growing interest means growing competition between companies trying to top each other with the latest upgrades. Here we’re comparing two models that fit into the same desktop printing arena to see which 3D printer comes out on top. Read on for details that will help you… Read More »

Formlabs Form 2 vs Ultimaker 3 Comparison [2020]

The and the Ultimaker 3 are both two very high end 3D printers, capable of printing the most demanding and complex objects. But there is a big difference between the two, and that is that they work in a fundamentally different way. The Ultimaker 3 uses the more standard approach of 3D printing, called FDM, which means the material… Read More »

Anet A6 vs Anet A8 Comparison [2020]

The and the Anet A8 are both DIY kits at an extremely low price. They are considered one of the best budget 3D printers online and have huge community support for fixes as well as upgrades and modifications. While it might look like Anet is a brand, and they are just two different versions of the printer, that is… Read More »